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Dr. Toulina’s Eye Area Skin Rejuvenating Cream

During a COHL business meeting discussing COHL and its future products, Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL) mentioned to Dr. Toulina (President of COHL), that he was concerned about the bags under his eyes and how they made him look much older than he was. Dr. Toulina mentioned that she had developed a recipe for an eye area skin  rejuvenating cream, using all natural ingredients. At this point, Robert (age 62) offered to run an extended trial with this new, all natural, holistic eye skin cream. A test batch of the cream was produced and the trial commenced on January 05, 2017.

Robert ran the trial for 36 days, by applying a conservative amount of the cream under each eye every night just before going to bed. Below are pictures of Robert just before the trial commenced, and at the 36 day mark. Due to the success of the trial, Robert continues to use this cream daily.

As Robert has never used any form of facial cream before, we decided to re-run the trial with a independent third party, who was experienced with facial creams, i.e. an Ontario hospital medical research scientist, known to COHL. The feedback from this second extended trial produced extremely similar results.

We all know that the eye area skin is very soft and vulnerable and is easily affected by environmental exposure and various contaminants. We also know that there are lots of products in the market for this delicate area of skin. However, most of these products are only remedies that provide a momentary or short lasting effect. In other words, they offer a temporary mechanical tightening of the eye area skin, which requires application every time you want to obtain results.

In comparison, Dr. Toulina’s eye area skin rejuvenating cream is based on rejuvenating effect accomplished due to improving/optimizing skin cells metabolism. That is why the effect we witness in our trials was 100% physiological and long lasting. In summary, Dr. Toulina’s eye area skin rejuvenating cream serves as a stimulant by delivering the essential compounds for healthy looking, glowing skin.

Due to the success of our trials, Dr. Tolina’s new Eye Area Skin Rejuvenating Cream has been recently added to our high priority list of skin products to be manufactured and distributed via the COHL manufacturing division: Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

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