Weight Control is an innovative formulation which works at different levels of our body. Due to combination of different natural compounds, these capsules will control your appetite (by eliminating food cravings) and adjust your metabolism the way that blocks fat formation and deposition. The main mechanism of this process is blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase, which our body uses to make fat. Also, our nutraceutical supplement raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which may make us feel less hungry. The compounds of this supplements are vital for energy metabolism. They help  transport lipids to the cells, so that they can be burned to produce ATP (energy chemical molecule). This process, whereby fat is converted into energy, is known as oxidation that eventually leads to weight loss.


Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, Bromelain, ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitin) and Gelatin capsule. 

Recipe: Formulated with organic and natural components that are Vegan guideline compliant, this product is Gluten, GMO and artificial preservative free.


Suggested Use: 1 capsule twice daily after meals.



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  • This product was developed and tested by our own (in-house) medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD to provide a high-quality naturally-based product.

Weight Control