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Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD

President, Co-founder and TNI Product Designer

All Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc., products are designed and tested in Canada personally by Dr. Anna Toulina. These product tests include a wide range of standardized medical research tests to ensure an efficient design function and the highest of quality. Formulated with organic and natural components that are Vegan guideline compliant, our products are Gluten and GMO free.


Dr. Toulina is a third-generation Medical Doctor (Specialty - General Medicine). As well as a medical degree, Dr. Toulina has a PhD in Medical Sciences (Specialty - Molecular Biology). Along with this, Dr. Toulina has 25+ years of experience as a Medical Research Scientist who has performed studies within different areas, such as neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and metabolic disorders.


Dr. Toulina worked as an Assistant Professor at the Volgograd State Medical University (Russia) and as a Senior Scientist at the Medical Genetic Research Centre in Moscow (Russia). In Canada, Dr. Toulina worked at the University of Toronto, as well as wide range of Toronto, Canada- based hospitals. Before creating TNI, Dr. Toulina spent 5 years as the Director, Pre-clinical Research at a private pharmaceutical company. The prioritized areas of her scientific interest include studies on mechanisms of aging and cancer development.

Dr Yelena Glinka - picture.jpg

Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD

Director of Research, Board of Director Member

Dr. Yelena Glinka graduated from Moscow State University and has a doctoral degree in biochemistry. During her 40+ year scientific career, she has worked on a number of challenging projects in various areas of medical research. This experience provided her with valuable fundamental knowledge of biological processes, as well as practical experimental approaches and exceptional technical skills. The area of Dr. Glinka’s expertise covers not only biochemistry but other related fields, such as cell/molecular biology, genetics and immunology.


Dr. Glinka interest in medical research stretches from neurodegenerative diseases to studies in cancer and diabetes. Dr. Glinka is the author of a significant number of publications in reputable international journals.

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Mr. Robert Harrison, BA, CET

Vice President Operations & Co-Founder

Key Staff Member


Mr. Mike Hagenauer

Graphic Designer

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