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  • Who designs TNI's products?
    TNI internally designs all of our products in the TNI research facilities in Ontario Canada. Our research/development team is run by a Medical Research Scientist Dr. Anna Toulina MD, PhD.
  • How are TNI's products tested?
    All TNI products are extensively tested by our R&D team using industry standard medical research processes and techniques. All tests are performed personally by Dr. Anna Toulina and her research/development team.
  • Who manufactures TNI's products?
    TNI internally manufactures all of our products in Ontario Canada.
  • What ingredients does TNI use?
    All TNI product ingredients are natural ingredients, including the preservatives. No artificially manufactured chemicals, or chemical based preservatives are used. Many of TNI’s ingredients are exclusively grown/harvested on a private farm in Germany, specifically for our company.
  • What is the shelf life of TNI's products?
    With TNI products being chemical preservatives free, we define a shelf life of 6 months (on average). However, we suggest keeping our products refrigerated when not in use, in order to extend the shelf life and prolong their efficiency.
  • Can a TNI product(s) be returned for credit?
    Any TNI product can be returned within 30 days, IF not opened or damaged. TNI’s Customer Service will provide the required Return Material Authorization (RMA) number upon request. A credit will be issued after evaluation of the returned product by Customer Service.
  • Can I use a TNI cream under my makeup?
    All TNI creams are easily absorbed by the skin, without leaving a greasy film. Therefore, they all can be applied before applying your makeup.
  • Will a TNI cream that comes into contact with my eyes be an issue?
    All TNI creams use natural organic ingredients. As such, we suggest that cream contact will not be an issue, unless you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients.
  • Do TNI creams dry out?
    All of TNI creams will remain moist throughout its shelf life, if the container is properly closed after each use.
  • Can I purchase TNI products if I live outside of Canada?
    TNI is a product development, manufacturing and internet based sales / product distribution company. A large portion of our product sales is international, as such we ship our products all over the world.
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