Fabulous cream to keep skin hydrated all day long.


This light, fluffy day cream is a natural advanced formula containing compounds that help skin to glow and look fabulous. Due to its soothing properties, coconut extract (our main ingredient) serves as a great moisturizer that can replace moisture in dehydrated skin. Coconut extract also triggers natural skin regeneration and balances skin pH. Using this cream will combat dryness and promote healthy and glowing skin.


Ingredients: Contains 100% natural coconut oil, extract of organic coconut flakes (Cocos nucifera), grapefruit seed extract (Citrus Paradisi), olive emulsifying wax, purified aqua.


Recipe: Formulated with organic and natural components, this product is Gluten, GMO and artificial preservative free. This product, and it's recipe, is registered with Health Canada.


Use: Recommended for daily applications.


Research Study: TNI tested organic Coconut extract in primary adult dermal fibroblasts. After 24 hours of treatment, we observed an increase of cell migration in the "wound scratch assay" up to 452% demonstrating an outstanding regenerative capacity of coconut extract, used in our Coconut Day Cream.



  • Natural Product. No artificial preservatives added. Keep refrigerated. For MAXIMUM benefits, ensure you use the product within 3 months of purchase.
  • Sales Tax applies to Canadian customers only.
  • This product was developed and tested by our own (in-house) medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD to provide a high-quality of a naturally-based product.

Coconut Day Cream