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This multi-component combination of herbs is meant to reduce inflammation and adjust the immune system to work properly by acting on immune-competent cells through targeting many intracellular signaling kinases and phosphatases. It also suppresses the uncontrolled activation of the innate immune response that leads to cytokine storm, as well as, fortifies the immune system and limits the invasion and growth of viruses and bacteria in the body.


Medicinal Ingredients:  Quercetin, Resveratrol, Curcuma longa, Astragalus membranaceus, Zingiber officinale, Sambucus, Camellia sinensus, Boswellia serrata, Theobroma cacao, Resistant starch.   

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin capsules



These products are formulated with organic and natural components. This product is Gluten, GMO free with no artificial preservative added.


Use: Recommend 1 capsule twice a day with food.



  • Sales Tax applies to Canadian customers only.
  • This product was developed and tested by our own (in-house) medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD to provide a high-quality naturally-based product.

Immune Shield Pills

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