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Description: Relieve the discomfort of sinusitis with our specially formulated Sinus Relief Nasal Drops. This advanced solution is crafted to ease nasal congestion, reduce sinus inflammation, and provide rapid relief from sinus pressure.


Active Ingredient:  German herbal tea (proprietary formulation).

Other Ingredients: Double distilled water.


Key Features:

Fast-Acting Relief: Instantly soothes sinus discomfort, offering quick relief.

Decongestant: Clears blocked nasal passages to ease breathing and promote comfort.

Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces sinus swelling and inflammation for improved comfort.

Gentle Formula: Non-irritating solution suitable for sensitive nasal passages.

Easy Application: Convenient dropper bottle for precise and effortless use.


Directions for Use:

Tilt head back slightly. Gently insert the dropper into one nostril.

Squeeze the dropper to release the recommended number of drops (as indicated in the instructions).

Breathe in gently to allow the solution to reach sinus passages.Repeat for the other nostril.


Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening.



  • Natural Product. No artificial preservatives added. Keep refrigerated after opening container. For MAXIMUM benefits, ensure you use the product within 45 days of purchase.
  • Product price is listed in Canadian Dollars.
  • Sales Tax applies to Canadian customers only.
  • This product was developed and tested by our own (in-house) medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD to provide a high-quality of a naturally-based product.

Sinus Relief Nasal Drops

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