Ultimate Health Water was designed for use with a wide range of hoursehold pets. It has many health applications thanks to its well-known disinfectant properties. It is also a great rejuvenating and anti-aging product that can be used as a topically or taken internally to resolve a wide range of issues. Due to the beneficial effect of its colloidal silver content, it is a natural health solution that should be in every pet owners home.


Toulison's Ultimate Health Water is strictly manufactured to a colloidal silver content level of 20 particles per million (PPM), using medical research grade (high purity) distilled water to achieve a high-quality product. A special manufacturing technique allows the incorporation of silver particles whose sizes vary from 0.0006 to 0.005 micron, which determines an optimal efficiency of silver solution whether used topically or orally.


Ingredients: Double distilled water (ddH2O) with silver (Ag) particles.

Recipe: Formulated with organic and natural components that are Vegan guideline compliant, this product is Gluten, GMO and artificial preservative free.


Use: Use orally or topically as required.



  • Natural Product. No artificial preservatives added
  • Sales Tax applies to Canadian customers only.
  • This product was produced and tested by our own (in-house) medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD to provide a high-quality of a naturally-based product.

Ultimate Health Water for Pets