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The Canadian Government (Health Canada) recently made the following public announcement.

“Certain cosmetics are known to contain a group of chemicals called per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS). Some of these PFAS were found to be toxic and are prohibited in Canada” due to non-compliance with “the Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012.” Health Canada has indicated that: “These chemicals may be intentionally added as an ingredient to increase wear, durability, spread ability and/or water and oil resistance of applied cosmetics.”

Current peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that exposure to certain levels of PFAS may lead to: reproductive effects such as decreased fertility, increased high blood pressure, developmental effects or delays in children, including low birth weight, accelerated puberty, bone variations, or behavioral changes, increased risk of some cancers, including prostate, kidney, and testicular cancers, reduced ability of the body’s immune system to fight infections, including reduced vaccine response, interference with the body’s natural hormones, increased cholesterol levels and/or risk of obesity.

Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. (TNI) has developed the technique of adding no toxins and/or questionable manufactured chemicals preservatives into our product formulations. All of TNI products are designed and manufactured by using natural ingredients only. The vast majority of plants we use are exclusively grown for us at an ecologically clean herb farm in Germany. Each of our ingredients were fully tested within our lab before being approved for use and manufacturing purposes.

Because skin is the largest organ in our body, serving as a GATE between interior and exterior, any substance that is applied and absorbed by the skin will eventually enter the bloodstream and circulate all over the body. The buildup of chemicals (natural or artificial) can have an impact on the body in a short or long-term period of time.

Keep your body balanced and harmonized with Mother Nature.

Purchase wisely and live a long and healthy life.

Best regards,

TNI Scientific Group

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