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Colloidal Silver Water – virus fighting and healing water

Colloidal Silver Water: Colloidal refers to tiny particles suspended in a solution. Within this blog, we are discussing silver particles suspended within water.

It should be noted, that silver is a trace element and is therefore safe and naturally found in water, whole grains, various foods and breast milk. However, in these situations, the silver level is extremely low compared to what we desire to produce with a colloidal generator.

Silver water has been used throughout the ages, with records showing use in the Alexander The Great era. “In the past 100 years, medical science has confirmed that the most potent broad-spectrum anti-microbial substance on the planet is silver”, “and it fights every bacterial know to man” “including bacteria that are drug-resistant” and “silver has been shown to assist with some regeneration of nerve tissues” quotations from  Silver water has it’s application in helping maintain health and fighting off illnesses. Silver water can fight viruses (including ones that are resistant to drugs), bacteria, moulds, fungus, yeast and oxidative stress. To-date it has been tested and proved successful in fighting over 600 different viruses. Silver water can be internally consumed for internal health issues, gargled for throat issues, used with a steamer for bronchial issues, squirted into ears for ear issues, squirted into the eyes for eye infections, flushed thru your sinuses for sinus issues, applied to a bandage and then placed on burns on the skin.

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