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Effective and safe protective skincare product from Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

UV photons can mediate damage through two different mechanisms. It could be either by direct absorption of UV via cellular chromophores, resulting in excited states formation and subsequent chemical reaction, or by photosensitization mechanisms, where the UV light is absorbed by endogenous (or exogenous) sensitizers that are excited and whose further reactions lead to the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Direct and indirect injuries result in a number of harmful effects, such as disrupted cell metabolism, morphological and ultrastructural changes, attack on the regulatory pathways and alterations in the differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis of skin cells.  UV radiation is known to have significant adverse effects including immunosuppression, photoaging, ocular damage, and skin cancer.

The modern skincare market offers lots of sunscreen products; however, the safety aspect of added components stays pretty doubtful and unclear. For instance, one of the main ingredients commonly used in sun protective products is Octyl Methoxycinnamate, which according to the Cosmetics Database is rated as 70% safe. However, there are many concerns regarding its use some of each include: biochemical changes that cause mutation and cell death upon exposure to sunlight (which is likely when used as a sunscreen ingredient); immunotoxicity and photoallergic effects. Another widely used component in sunscreen care products is Oxybenzone. This substance is clearly a prolific ingredient, and it is worthwhile to look into the potential dangers of something that finds its way into the majority of people’s bodies. The Environmental Working Group has been rated oxybenzone at number 8 on their toxicity rating scale, meaning it is one of the most toxic ingredients found in cosmetic products.

We are happy to report that Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. has recently developed natural sunscreen Ginkgo biloba cream, the product that protects skin cells from the damaging UV radiation without any toxic side effects. Our company performed lots of experiments carried on adult human skin fibroblasts to test the sunscreen capacity of new formulation with Ginkgo biloba herbal extract as an active ingredient. Among different biochemical assays, we used cell proliferation technique to evaluate the capacity of human skin fibroblasts to maintain their proliferative activity. For this purpose, cells were radiated with UV light to induce oxidative stress. We compared samples with added Ginkgo biloba extract and without it. We also checked to see if adding Ginkgo biloba extract prior to UV radiation was more effective than adding extract after UV exposure. The results show that Ginkgo biloba extract increased cell proliferation up to 88% (compared to control) when added before cells exposure with UV radiation and up to 50% ( compared to control) when the extract was added after cells were undergone UV treatment (Fig. 1 – below)

Our skin sun protector Ginkgo biloba cream is exactly what everyone needs in these hot sunny days to maintain skin moisturized and protected from damaging UV effect. According to our results, an optimal effect can be reached by applying cream on openly-exposed parts of the body before going outside, as it will provide maximum protection from UV radiation.

We invite you to try our products to embrace care and safety coming from natural formulations designed by Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

To order this product online, please visit our website at the link listed below:

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