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New Product Sets

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

TNI has recently created two new 3 cream product sets, one for our Gold Collection and one for our Silver Collection of products. Each of these sets includes: a 30 mL eye cream, a 30 mL day cream and a 30 mL night cream. Thereby, providing our client with a full day of benefits and protection. The sets also provide the benefit of ease of product ordering and a discounted set price.


(1) Ale Vera Eye Cream, apply once or twice a day.

(1) Turmeric Rejuvenating Cream, apply in morning.

(1) Resveratrol Night Cream, apply in evening.

To view the Silver Collection set details, use the link listed below:


(1) Advanced Eyelid Corrector Cream, apply once or twice a day.

(1) Ginkgo Biloba Rejuvenating Cream, apply in morning

(1) Black Rice Night Cream, apply in the evening.

To view the Gold Collection set details, use the link listed below:


Product items within our new sets can also be seen individually in detail, or purchased individually within the Products section of our website.

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