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TNI's Hair Growth Enhancer Trials and Results

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

On February 15, 2018, Dr. Toulina gave me the Toulison Nutraceuticals newly developed product, called Hair Growth Enhancer (HGE) liquid to try, as I was complaining about an increased hair loss. I had noticed a fair amount of hair on my pillow, in my hairbrush, on my computer keyboard, in my car and in my winter hat. In addition to that, my hair was receding, which concerned me, as my mother’s father was completely bald.

I started applying the HGE daily, usually near the end of the day. At first, I applied a conservative amount to the scalp area (three squirts in three locations). I rubbed the mixture into the scalp and around, where the hair projects from the scalp. Within a few days, I noticed that the treated hair started to feel softer, less dry and brittle and had a shiny presentation. After getting the first positive results, I increased the amount of sprays, to obtain full coverage. I also removed all hair from my winter hat to be able to collect and calculate the amount of hair loss. Few weeks later, I thought that I noticed that the colour of my hair was starting to change. I monitored this for a few more weeks, and it became obvious that this was my natural colour coming back. As I had a full head of light grey to white hair for more than 10 years, the colour return is slow; but it is continuing to return. This is a huge win, as not only my hair feels and looks better, but it is also regaining its youthful appearance.

After obtaining the above-mentioned benefits, I used this product to reduce hair loss and possibly stimulate new hair growth. After 2 months of using the Hair Growth Enhancer liquid, and upon review of my winter hat and other areas, I can confirm that I am losing very, very little hair (less than 90 strands in 2 months). My hair has also become stronger and healthier. I have not noticed any new hair growth in the areas where receding had already occurred. But because I am in my 60’s and have been using this product for only 2 months, I can definitely say that I have gained more benefits from this product than I had expected.

Regards, Robert Harrison

Photos after 2 months of Treatment application (natural colour starting to return)

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