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TNI’s NEW Home Spa Facial Peel Kit

COHL and Toulison Nutraceutical recently developed and are producing a brand new product, for sale on our website (

This kit provides all the necessary components for performing 10 facial peel process, in the comfort of your own home. And the kit cost far less than the price of a single treatment at a local spa.

Fig, 1: TNI Home Spa Kit with instruction sheet.

Fig, 2: TNI Home Spa Kit with our instructional sheet, cotton balls and video access card.

Fig. 3: TNI Home Spa Lactic Acid facial peel solution.

Fig. 4: TNI Home Spa Lactic Acid neutralizer solution.

Fig. 5: TNI Home Spa post-procedure protective facial cream.

For more interesting information, please visit our website (

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