Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.’s Grand Debute

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The first week of April of 2018 was groundbreaking for Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. and its team members!  The company participated at the Green Living Show, which pairs the sellers of different natural goods with the shoppers looking for new products and ideas. It was also the first time TNI has advertised and sold its products outside the usual Internet environment. Although the initial participation is often more educational than lucrative, some of the TNI products (such as “Colloidal Silver Water”) were completely sold out during the event. That serves as a strong indication of the public interest in natural solutions that represent effective and gentle ways of taking care of the human body.  

Other products that TNI has presented and sold during the show included: Turmeric Healing Facial and Acne cream, Aloe Vera Eye cream, Gingko Biloba Sunscreen Day cream, Black Rice Extract Night cream and Resveratrol Night cream. This is not a complete list of products designed by Toulison Nutraceuticals. Stay young, happy and healthy with Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. and Mother Nature! 

To get more information and/or to place an order, please visit our website at

The Toulison – Green Living Show Booth

Toulison's research information booklets

Toulison's products on display

Victoria with visitors to our booth

Toulison's Show Team.

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