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Feedback about Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. Products

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. has performed extensive field trials for our various company products.  Dr. Yelena Glinka PhD is one of our field trial participants. Dr. Glinka is a Senior Research Scientist, with a long research career based on extensive expertise in different areas of science. Today, we are very proud to share Dr. Glinka’s feedback about our products, which is listed below.

My experience with Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. Products

I am very grateful to Dr. Anna Toulina for the opportunity over the past few months to test the new cosmetic products of her company. Among others, I tried Aloe Vera Eye Cream, Baobab Extract Facial Cream, Centaurea Cyanus Night Cream, Coconut Day Cream, Gingko Biloba Sunscreen Day Cream, Turmeric Healing Facial and Acne Cream, and Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion.

There is something in common between all products from this company: it is Dr. Toulina’s passion for natural goodness. This passion drives her to select the best and most safe ingredients. She meticulously tests all of them in the lab and collects all the relevant scientific information. Nothing potentially suspicious can find its way into her products even if it is a commonly used ingredient, preservative, emulsifier, etc.

My experience with the Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. products is very positive; it is 10 out of 10 points. I am willing to share it with the audience. Here are some observations:

Turmeric Healing Facial and Acne Cream: My skin regained its vivid color, which I thought I have lost forever. I do not use any decorative cosmetics, such as foundation, shades, powder, mascara, lipstick, so the natural color of my skin is an essential part of my attraction. Turmeric night cream became my basic cream and I really love it.

Even by comparison with this really good cream, Centaurea Cyanus Night Cream was able to further improve my skin even on this background by adding an unusual silky feeling of my skin.

Aloe Vera Eye Cream notably decreased eye puffiness. This is the only cream in my experience that actually does this, while the others just claim they do without visible outcome.

I have to add several words about the innovative hair revitalizing product, Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion. Quite often our hair reveals our barbarian practices of handling them. We use chemical dyes and harsh shampoos, which claim (of course!) that they are safe and revitalizing. As a result, our head looks often like a haystack. This deprives us of our natural beauty, our healthy lustrous hair, the great attraction from ancient times to nowadays.

Healthy hair needs a healthy skull skin to feed it. My skin is usually very dry. Recently it became also itchy, irritated, with some painful spots. The hair also became quite rigid and lost normal shiny outlook resulting in split ends. The Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion has an incredibly soothing effect on the skin. I spray it on the roots only, but my hair becomes soft, more manageable, and shiny.

It is difficult to compare many good things because they tend to overshadow each other. I highly recommend all of the creams tested by myself. After using multiple products, I could not identify any concerns or side effects. I believe that any user, who wants to entrust her/his skin to nature, will realize the natural goodness of these products and will be able to select what is the best for her/himself from the wide variety and selection that Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. offers to their customers.

Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD (Medical Research Scientist)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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