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Testimonial of Healing Applications of Turmeric Cream

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

by Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD, Research Scientist  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Recently I got important evidence that turmeric cream has more applications than just skincare. I badly bruised my knee and it was swollen and hot. Dr. Toulina advised me to apply the turmeric cream, manufactured by Toulison Nutraceutical Inc. Strikingly, pain sensation was canceled within a minute. But this was not all: the swelling started shrinking very quickly. The anticipated blue spot just did not appear on the bruised site. When the pain re-appeared, I just applied more cream and immediately forgot about my trauma. I had a chance to compare the pain-relieving effect of the turmeric cream with Thompson's calendula cream containing comfrey and arnica. Calendula cream did not relieve the pain in my knee for 1 hour, but turmeric cream applied after it silenced the pain sensation within a minute.

Other observations: the same cream heals the pain in varicose veins and helps to relieve neuralgia or muscle stiffness. It also helps keep joints affected by osteoarthritis painless.

This cream, in its modified formulation, notably bleached a pigmented skin spot and rapidly reduced the volume of a black mole, which was at least 1 mm above the skin level before the cream application. The effect became visible after two applications, within two days.

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