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New Memory Boosting Supplement

I have suffered from short-term memory issues for many years. In 1995 I hit black ice on the highway during a freak ice storm, slid off the road and flipped the car 5 times while rolling down a large hill. For the next few months after the accident my short-term memory degraded rapidly.

Early in December 2017, during discussions with Dr. Toulina, we identified a potential opportunity to use various ingredients that Dr. Toulina had tested to create a memory boosting supplement. Dr. Toulina performed detailed research and then just after New Year developed a formulation of nutraceutical based memory boosting supplement for testing. Starting in January, both Dr. Toulina and I have been participants in an internal on-going trial to test out and fine tune the new product formulation.

Personal Comments: a) The new Toulison Nuntraceuticals Inc. Memory supplement has provided me with memory flashes. These flashes give me the quality of memory that I had before the car crash. These flashes started 1 week after starting the trial and initially occurred intermittently, but increased in occurrence over time. b) I am now able to easily recall combination of numbers that I previously had to write down. c) I no longer arrive at a destination only to find I could not remember what I wanted to obtain. d) I have not experienced any side effects that would affect other functions of my body from taking this supplement. e) Since starting to take this natural supplement my long time fussy stomach problem has gone away.

We are in continuation of our memory boosting supplement trial and will announce the product upon completion of this trial. However, we invite you to visit our website to view our existing products.

regards Robert Harrison

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